There are three groups of products designed and manufactured by INTECO

Educational equipment and software

We offer the complete laboratory rigs to teach automatic control applied in real time. These tools can be used also for research to develop new control algorithms and methods. Every laboratory rig contains a mechanical unit, measurement and control interface equipped with a I/O PCI board, the dedicated control and measurement software operating in the MATLAB/ Simulink environment. There are the manuals describing how to proceed during experiments. The complete pre-programmed examples guide a user through real-time experiments.

I/O boards and supported software for research and education

We offer two families of the RT-DAC4/PCI I/O boards. An FPGA chip on the board is reconfigurable and a different XILINX utility logic offered by INTECO can be stored. Once installed in the computer the board suits to a number of applications that require different types and numbers of I/O channels. It is not necessary to change the board for a new application. Only the board’s logic is replaced.
For an advance user the XILINX Programming Guide might be ordered. It allows to create ones own logic.
Each board is equipped with an ActiveX control software.

Real-Time Software

The RT-CON Professional development toolbox is a real-time acquisition and control system with direct access to I/O channels and MATLAB data transfer compatibility. This is the RTWT oriented rapid prototyping software tool for automatic generation of controller codes.
We offer the M2ActiveX software package as the interface between MATLAB and ActiveX controls. The reach functionality of MATLAB/Simulink in a new programming environment, i.e. Microsoft Excel can be reached. If an ActiveX control is created then M2ActiveX opens the access to the library blocks of Simulink.

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