About us

INTECO provides educators and researchers with innovative, cost-effective training systems in the fields of automation, robotics, instrumentation and process control. INTECO is the leader in the design and manufacture of mechatronic systems for real-time control design and implementation. The company employs highly qualified staff and maintains close links with the industrial and educational world. Many product designs originate from universities. A majority of fabrication is exported.

These systems are a mainspring to automatic control laboratories and become essential equipment for lecturers and researchers at universities and technical schools.

We offer our experience in the fields:

  • Software, manuals and experimental lab rigs for control education
  • Real-time data acquisition and control systems for MS Windows
  • Specialized FPGA-based IO data acquisition boards
  • Solving scientific and engineering problems with MATLAB
  • Application-oriented control and simulation software
  • Integration of control systems, SCADA systems
  • Digital control with DSP
  • Mechatronics consulting for R&D

INTECO is an European company founded in 1997 by the researchers and engineers from University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Krakow – Poland. From the beginning till now our interest and major line of business have been focused on mechatronic devices for use in control engineering research and education. We have designed several innovative digitally controlled laboratory plants, all supplied with full mathematical/simulation models and control hardware and software. INTECO has been involved more and more in its own solutions of integrated control. We offer real-time kernels for control applications in MS Windows, rapid prototyping toolboxes for automatic code generation, and control/data acquisition systems. Most of our applications are controlled via RT-CON – our Windows based real-time software. We perform custom modifications and custom design to meet special needs like fieldbus drivers, PLC target applications or integration with SCADA systems. Our solutions are supported by our RT-DAC real-time I/O boards. Since January 1999 INTECO is an official MATLAB partner.